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Young people have a say

Pupil Voice: How to spot fake news – Young Media Voices project

How can you tell if what you’re reading, hearing or watching can be trusted? Young Media Voices share their top tips!

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Out of school

Pupil voice: I’m at risk of exclusion. This is how the Inclusion Unit helped me.

Reach met with a group of young people about how the Inclusion Unit at their school has helped them keep learning.

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Support for learning

Pupil voice: “Don’t fight your stammer, embrace it”

Hear from Fraser about his experiences and the advice he has for someone living with a stammer.

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Pupil voice: what your teacher can do to support you if you have dyslexia

Got dyslexia? Here are some tips from Rachel about what teachers can do to help you at school.

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Care experienced

Pupil voice: why it’s important to listen to care-experienced young people

Hear from Lynzy about why it’s important care experienced voices are heard.

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Mental health

It’s not easy to talk

Young people have a say

An advocate can help you make your voice heard at school

Did you know that you have the right to have a say in decisions made about your support at school? Watch this to find out how an advocate can help you make your voice heard.

My Rights My Say can help you to use your rights. 

Pupil participation

Pupil Voice: pupil participation at my school means “every single pupil has a voice”

Rachel’s views on pupil participation: What my school is doing to give pupils more say in decision making

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Pupil participation

Pupil participation at school matters – here are 3 reasons why

Make your voice heard and get involved in making decisions that affect your education and well-being.

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Pupil voice: Jordan’s views on her life at school with autism

Young campaigner Jordan talks about her time at school with autism

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