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Pupils with learning disabilities have a say about being included at school

Pupils with learning disabilities in Scotland have had their say about what school is like for them.

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Your rights

Your right to have a say in plans made about your support at school

If you get extra support at school, you may have a learning support plan. Find out more here.

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Your rights

I want to have a say in decisions made at school

Make your voice heard

You have the right to be involved in decisions that affect you.

This Reach page can give you ideas for how you can use your voice at school.

Changing School

Pupil Voice: Starting at high school is a big change, especially when your primary school only has 23 pupils

Hear from Luke about his move to secondary school from his small primary school.

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Pupil participation

Why it’s good to go to meetings

Meeting at school to discuss your support? Here’s some important reasons why it’s good to go.

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Your rights

What if I disagree with decisions made about what’s right for me at school?

Find out different ways to sort out disagreements about your support in school.

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Leaving school

Information your school might pass on when you leave

Making sure the right people know what support you need after you leave school is important. But so is respecting your privacy.

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