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Pupil Voice: What your teacher can do to support you if you have dyslexia

Got dyslexia? Here are some tips from Rachel, a Young Ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland, about what teachers can do to help you at school. Whatever challenges you’re going through, never forget you have many strengths too….

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Mental health

It’s not always easy to speak up about your problems

If you’re having a hard time at school, it’s not always easy to talk about it. But talking to someone you trust at school can be the first step to getting help.

Get tips on dealing with all sorts of issues that can make school difficult. 

Having your say

An advocate can help you make your voice heard at school

Did you know that you have the right to have a say in decisions made about your support at school? Watch this to find out how an advocate can help you make your voice heard.

My Rights My Say can help you to use your rights. 

Pupil participation

3 reasons why pupil participation at school matters

There are lots of ways that pupils can get involved in decision making at school. But why does pupil participation matter? Here are 3 good reasons.

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Your rights

Pupil Voice: Respecting Children’s Rights at our School

Learning about your rights can help you feel more cared for and in control of your future. Find out more about the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Awards.

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Your rights

Sorting out issues – how I used my right to ask for an assessment

If you aren’t happy with one of your classes, you can ask to be assessed to find out what learning support will work better for you. Here’s how Josh had his say.

Your rights

How I got the chance to use my voice at school

Ever had a difficult relationship with someone at school? Find out how a meeting with her teachers helped Shannon have her say and make things easier for her.

Having your say

Young people from all over Scotland call for more say in how schools are run

How do young people want to be involved in decision-making in school? Find out what over 1,000 Scottish pupils have to say.

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Over 100 pupils with learning disabilities have a say about being included at school

Getting the right support and feeling included in school can be difficult if you have a learning difficulty. Find out what young people have to say…

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Your rights

Your right to have a say in plans made about you at school

If you get extra support at school, you may have a learning support plan. You should be involved in deciding what goes in this plan.

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