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Leaving school

Why it’s a good idea to let your college or uni know you’re disabled

Disabled. It’s a loaded word not all disabled people want to identify with. But if you want to get off to a good start at college or uni – try to make peace with that word and tick the disability box on your application form.

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Your rights

What’s next? Getting ready to leave school

feet walking away from school

Your school should start supporting you to get ready to leave school at least a year before you are due to go.


Find out ways your school might help you get ready to leave and the info they might pass on when you go

Care experienced

Leaving school, leaving care

  If you’re care-experienced, your school must start to help you plan what you might do after you leave school at least a year before. They should get in touch with people who could support you after you leave – like college staff and social workers.

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Mental health

Exams – not got the grades?

Exam results stress? Advice from young people at Aye Mind 

Looking for more resources to support mental well being – click here.

Leaving school

My world of work

Get the help you need to make decisions about your future.

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Leaving school

Disabled and leaving school?

Get advice on how you can carry on with your learning after you leave school.

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Leaving school

Information your school might pass on when you leave

Making sure the right people know what support you need after you leave school is important. But so is respecting your privacy.

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