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Young people have a say

What do YOU think of Reach….?

Help us make sure Reach has the advice and info you actually want and need if you’re having a hard time at school.

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“I’m Jenny…. and this is MY autism”

“Having autism is unique – it’s not painful, or itchy, or sore – it’s just how I see the world”. Check out this Fixers film and hear a girl called Jenny on a campaign to end the stigma about having Aspergers and to show it’s no reason to stop believing in yourself….

Your rights

An important time for young people’s rights

Rights are used to make sure you feel safe, looked after, respected and listened to. Find out how the law is changing to give pupils more rights.

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Mental health

How anxiety affects you at school

Louise a young person from Falkirk is on a campaign to help teachers get better at supporting pupils with anxiety.  (more…)

Your rights

I want to have a say in decisions made at school

Make your voice heard

You have the right to be involved in decisions that affect you.

This Reach page can give you ideas for how you can use your voice at school.

Your rights

How My Rights, My Say can help you talk to your school if you’re aged 12-15

6 ways My Rights, My Say can help you to use your rights to be involved in decisions at school if you’re over 12

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