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Autism and friendship – advice from a young person

We asked a young person with autism to come up with her top tips for making friends and talking to people at school.

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Making friends as a disabled young adult

Watch this film by Fixers of disabled young people talking about the ups and downs of school and college and how being part of a youth group helped them find pals.


Changing School

Making new friends can be hard – here’s a tip

Made by young people at Aye Mind.


Worried about making friends

Making new friends at school isn’t easy. It can be scary to go up to someone you don’t know. You might feel shy. You might worry that they won’t understand you or that you won’t fit in. Here are 5 top tips for making friends.

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Changing School

Making friends at my new school

worried about making friends - picture of young person on their ownWorried about making friends at your new school? You’re not the only one.

We’ve got lots of good tips about making friends in our relationships advice section.