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Pupil voice: moving to high school and getting support for my dyslexia

If you’ve got dyslexia and are changing schools, you may have worries about what it will be like and if you’ll get the support you need. Here’s some advice from a pupil who knows how you feel….

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Pupil voice: what your teacher can do to support you if you have dyslexia

Got dyslexia? Here are some tips from Rachel, a Young Ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland, about what teachers can do to help you at school. Whatever challenges you’re going through, never forget you have many strengths too….

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Dyslexia – a different way of learning

1 in every 10 people has dyslexia. 

Dyslexic people can do a lot of things, they just might do them in a different way.

Some of the most successful people in the world have dyslexia… Keira Knightley, Steven Spielberg and Jamie Oliver all have it.

People with dyslexia are often very creative and good at problem solving. Having dyslexia might mean you need help with reading, writing or remembering.

Get more info and support from Dyslexia Unwrapped, the online hub for young people. 

Here’s a great film from the British Dyslexia Association


Pupil Voice: – Lyla “If I wasn’t dyslexic I wouldn’t be me, I am what you see”

With the right support people with dyslexia can achieve incredible things. Check out this poem by Scottish Youth Poetry Slam winner – Lyla.

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Feeling judged for having dyslexia

“When I used to read a book it was like the words were jumping all over the place.” A film by I am Me Scotland.


A film about being bullied for having problems reading

Check out this film called Judged, by I am me Scotland. It’s one girl’s story of what it’s like to have dyslexia and be bullied about reading aloud in class. (more…)