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Leaving school

Why it’s a good idea to let your college or uni know you’re disabled

Advice from LEAD about letting your college or uni know you’re disabled.

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Young people have a say

Young Ambassadors for Inclusion – Ask us, hear us, include us

The Young Ambassadors for Inclusion are pupils with diverse support needs, who are campaigning for everyone to be included, no one left out. They created a film which could allow their views to be heard and help school staff understand how to support pupils with additional support needs.

Support for learning

Pupil from the Royal Blind School shares his top tip

Pupil participation

Pupil Voice: What helps young people feel included in school?

“For me, talking and listening are the key to true inclusion” Mark Stewart, Young Inclusion Ambassador talks about his experience of school.

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“I’m Jenny…. and this is MY autism”

“Having autism is unique – it’s not painful, or itchy, or sore – it’s just how I see the world”. Check out this Fixers film and hear a girl called Jenny on a campaign to end the stigma about having Aspergers and to show it’s no reason to stop believing in yourself….


Making friends as a disabled young adult

Watch this film by Fixers of disabled young people talking about the ups and downs of school and college and how being part of a youth group helped them find pals.



Pupils with learning disabilities have a say about being included at school

Pupils with learning disabilities in Scotland have had their say about what school is like for them.

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Got Epilepsy? Have a chat at the TEA Room

If you’ve got epilepsy, you might be feeling like other people just don’t get it. The good news is that you are not alone, and that there are lots of people who ‘get it’.

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Accessible books and digital tools to help break down barriers to learning

Here are 5 ways that CALL Scotland help with accessible learning.

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Feeling included at school when you have a learning disability

Did you know that about 1 in 50 people has a learning disability? Find out about support and how you can campaign for change.

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