If you’re aged 12 – 15 and want to use your rights you need to send a letter to your local council

letter in envelopeKnowing what to put in your letter isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together this letter you can use:

A letter to the local authority about my support needs

You can get help from an advocate to work out what you want to say in your letter to the council.

Finding out if it’s ok for you to use your rights

Question marks lifted by handsOnce the local authority have got your letter they will then check if it’s ok for you to use your rights.

They will check that you understand what you’re asking for and what any decisions made will mean to you. This is called a ‘capacity assessment’.


An assessment is nothing to worry about…. 

The person who checks if it’s ok for you to use your rights should know you well. It will probably be one of your teachers or your headteacher who will check. But they might ask someone else to help them if they need to.

To check it’s ok to use your rights, they might look at how you are doing at school, how you get on with other people and how you cope with big issues in your life. They will also check that using your rights won’t cause you any harm. This is called an ‘impact on well-being assessment’.

Your ‘impact on well-being assessment’ will involve checking that if you use your rights, you will still be…. 
  1. Safe
  2. Healthy
  3. Achieving
  4. Nurtured
  5. Active
  6. Respected
  7. Responsible
  8. Included

(You might hear adults call these the wellbeing indicators).

If you want help to have your say during a capacity or impact of well-being assessment, My Rights, My Say can help you if you’re aged 12-15

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