Your chance to share your views with the Scottish Parliament about making children’s rights the law

Right now there is a new Bill that would make children’s rights part of the law in Scotland. A Bill is an idea for a new law that the Scottish Parliament needs to think about. This is sometimes called “incorporation”.

The Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee is looking at the Bill and wants to know what you think about your rights and how they can be protected.

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Why should I share my views?

Having your say is really important. It will help the Scottish Parliament decide if any changes are needed so that the Bill works properly. It will also help the Scottish Parliament decide if the Bill will become a law.

How can I share my views?

This activity pack can help you think about what your views are. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. You can also share your views by sending:

  • a letter or email
  • a picture
  • a video in BSL
  • a photo of something you’ve done or created (for safety and privacy please don’t send pics of yourself or anyone else)
  • your thoughts in another language (if English is not your first language).


What will happen next?

The Equalities and Human Rights Committee will think carefully about your views. The Scottish Parliament will then talk about the Bill and decide if they need to make any changes to it. They will have a vote on the Bill in spring 2021 to decide if it will become a law.

Making this more accessible….

Check out the links on this Scottish Parliament page where you can….

  • get a copy of this info in Gaelic.
  • share your views by video in British Sign Language.
  • check out an Easy-Read leaflet about the Committee’s work.
  • find a presentation for your school to use.

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What ARE children’s rights anyway…?

Children’s rights are what children need to grow up happy, healthy and safe. Your rights are written in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child or the ‘UNCRC’ for short.

Find out more from Reach about children’s rights to education and support here.

The small print….

The Equalities and Human Rights Committee had help from the Children’s Parliament, Children in Scotland and Together Scotland (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights) to bring this info to you.