Young people’s voices: 4 ways to make schools more inclusive

When a group of young people from across Europe, including members of the Young Ambassadors for Inclusion from Scotland, met to discuss inclusive education they helped identify 4 things that could help include all pupils in school life:

  1. Respect: teachers and pupils should be be kind to each other and think about other people’s kind and listen without judgement
  2. Positive attitudes: everybody should try hard to work together to make pupils feel included.
  3. Listening to young people: the views that pupils have about their education should be listened to.
  4. Whole school approach: pupils should have access to ALL parts of school life and not miss certain bits because of their additional support needs.

They then came up with some fantastic ideas for helping pupils with additional support needs:

  1. Safe, quiet places for pupils if they need to take time out.
  2. Small rooms and classes for pupils who need it.
  3. Proper support for pupils who struggle to get around the school building (including making sure lifts are working!).
  4. Give pupils the chance to have a say about plans for their education.
  5. Raising awareness through campaigns in schools – for example,  language that is not acceptable.clock
  6. Improved training for teachers to help them better support and understand pupils with additional support needs better. Make sure young people are involved in this training.
  7. Extra time for classwork and in exams.
  8. Each school should have a pupil forum to think about how to make their school inclusive.