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Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC)

GIRFEC wheel which is a wheel divided into eight different section. Clockwise from the top the colours are turquoise, lavender, mauve, purple, orange, light orange, yellow, green.

Getting it
for every

GIRFEC is short for Getting it Right for Every Child. 

In Scotland GIRFEC helps the adults who support you to work together to make sure you’re ok and that you get the support you need.

The adults who support you, like your teachers or a doctor, might use GIRFEC when they’re talking to you about what is going well in your life and where you need more help.

GIRFEC says there are 8 things that every child or young person needs to have a good life. These things are called Wellbeing Indicators.

Wellbeing Indicators

What does this mean?

Your wellbeing is how healthy and happy you are. An indicator is something that is used to measure how you’re feeling.

The 8 Wellbeing Indicators will mean different things to different people. The idea is that by talking about each indicator, the adults involved in your life can see when and where you might need some help, and find ways to help get things back on track. They also make sure help you look at all the areas of your life, and make sure nothing is forgotten

The 8 wellbeing indicators are:


Being safe means things like…

  • you have a safe place to live
  • you are protected from abuse
  • you are not bullied.


Being healthy means things like…

  • you eat healthy food
  • you get enough exercise
  • you go to the doctor and dentist when you need to
  • your mental health is looked after.


Achieving means things like…

  • you learn new things
  • you want to work hard at school and develop your skills
  • you feel confident
  • your success is celebrated


Being nurtured means…

  • you are cared for, whether in a family setting or where this isn’t possible in a suitable care setting
  • you know you are loved
  • you have someone to turn to when you’re upset
  • you have daily routines for eating, sleeping and personal care.


Being active means things like…

  • you play indoors and outdoors
  • you do fun things with the people you love
  • you do activities you like to do


Being respected means things like…

  • you are treated like an individual
  • you are listened to and taken seriously
  • you can keep things private if you want
  • you get a say in things that effect you


Being responsible means things like…

  • you understand what is right and wrong
  • you say sorry when you do something wrong
  • you have fair responsibilities
  • you are trusted


Being included means things like…

  • you get the support you need
  • you can be part of a group out of school
  • you can join in with other pupils at school
  • you are not left out


This is a word sometimes used instead of ‘wellbeing indicators’. It comes from the first letter of each of the wellbeing indicators.

Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included.

Your rights

What does GIRFEC mean for you?

Getting it Right for Every Child should make sure that:

  1. You understand what is happening and why.
  2. You have been listened to and your wishes have been heard, understood and taken into account.
  3. You feel confident about the help you are getting.
  4. You are involved in discussions and decisions that affect you.
  5. You know you will get support that is right for you as soon as possible.
  6. People that are supporting you work together to make sure you get the support you need.

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