Rights are like promises to make sure you are treated fairly, protected, cared for, and have what you need to live a good life.

But what happens to children’s rights during a crisis like coronavirus? Listen to the Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland:

“Rights are there so that children and young people can lead safe and happy lives, and that doesn’t stop being true in difficult times. Human rights are something that shouldn’t change in a crisis, and that’s especially true for the more vulnerable people in our society.”

Your right to education and support

One of your rights as a child is the right to an education, which should be focused on your unique personality, talents and abilities. You also have the right to extra support for your individual needs if you need it to reach your fullest potential at school.

You can learn more about your rights to education and support in this animation we made….

Your right to be listened to and involved in decisions

You have the right to be listened to and taken seriously when decisions are being made about your life, including decisions about your education and support. Your views are important and your teachers should listen to you, treat you fairly and do what they can to help you learn.

It’s not always easy to speak up about how you’re feeling about school, but having your say can help make sure that things work out better for you. And getting involved in decisions made about your learning can help other pupils too.

Getting help to make your voice heard

 If you need help to have your say in decisions made about your education and support, an advocate can help you make your voice heard. You, your parents or carers can find out about local services that offer advocacy for young people here. Check out this wee film we made to help you understand how an advocate can help you make your voice heard.

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In Scotland, pupils who are aged 12-15 who have additional support needs have extra rights to be involved in decisions about their education and support. Find out more about how My Rights, My Say can help you share your views.

Learn more about your human rights

You can get help, info and advice about your human rights from the Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland.