The Inclusion Ambassadors made an animation to share their experiences of school and how they think pupils should treat them and each other.

Everyone has good and bad days at school, but some pupils find it harder than others. Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes. It could be that something is going on at home, you need some help getting around or maybe some extra support with school work. With that in mind, the Inclusion Ambassadors created this animation to share their thoughts and opinions about how pupils can help each other at school.

You may not know how others feel, but think how you’ve felt when you’ve had difficult times at school.

The Inclusion Ambassadors share their advice about how you can help:
  • Try to understand, I’m dealing with the same as you.
  • Think about what you say. Don’t say nasty things. Be bigger than that and ask if I’m ok.
  • Don’t wind me up. It wastes the teacher’s time and I might need their help.
  • Give me a chance to take part in things. Just ask.
  • Accept me for who I am. Be kind, don’t be two faced.
  • Give me space when I need it.
  • Treat me as a person, not a problem.
  • Make a stand if you see people being mean.
  • We don’t all have to be pals but we should respect each other.
Watch the Inclusion Ambassadors animation here 👉
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