Your well-being at Scottish schools – Getting it Right for Every Child – GIRFEC

Here’s something that can make a big difference to pupils’ lives. Ever heard of GIRFEC? It’s short for Getting it Right for Every Child. GIRFEC helps the adults who support you to work together to make sure you are ok and that you get the support you need.

Check out this GIRFEC wheel picture to see the wellbeing indicators. Teachers and other people who support you might use this wheel when talking to you about what is going well in your life and where you need more help.

What does GIRFEC mean for you?

GIRFEC should make sure that:

  1. You understand what is happening and why.
  2. You have been listened to and your wishes have been heard, understood and taken into account.
  3. You feel confident about the help you are getting.
  4. You are involved in discussions and decisions that affect you.
  5. You know you will get support that is right for you as soon as possible.
  6. People that are supporting you work together to make sure you get the support you need

Check out Ryan’s story to get an idea of what GIRFEC looks like in real life.