We want to make sure the Reach website is what young people – like you – actually want and need. So we’d like to hear what you think of it and your ideas about how we can make it better. 

Developing the Reach website

When we were developing the Reach website, we involved 75 young people from across Scotland as youth advisors. They were complete legends! As well as helping us work out how best to reach young people and what our key messages should be, they also helped shape exactly what the website is like. One group that took part was the Scottish Youth Parliament’s Education and Lifelong Learning Committee. So how chuffed were we to we to get this lovely piece written by  MSYP Aqeel? Aqeel told us that the Scottish Youth Parliament even passed a motion in support of Reach!

New opportunities to get involved

We’re now planning lots more opportunities for young people to get involved with our work and help shape what Reach will look like in the future.


Get in touch to find out how you could get involved, or just drop us an email to let us know what you think of the website….

What works? What’s rubbish? We want the whole picture….

  A group picture of the MSYPs

What Aqeel said about working with Reach

The Scottish Youth Parliament’s Education and Lifelong Learning Committee want to thank Enquire for involving us when developing their brand new website.

So what did we do?

  • we were involved in the site’s design. 
  • We informed aspects of the website such as the format, logos, the size, the layout and of course the lovely colours to make it all easily accessible and attractive to a young person’s eyes.

We think the website is not just a resource for those who are struggling with mental health or are being bullied. It’s a resource for all of Scotland’s young people; an advice service like no other.

It has everything you want all on the same website! If you need exam advice, contacts for support organisations, are being bullying, or are having trouble with mental health, go visit reach.scot now, folks!


A big thank you to Aqeel MSYP for sharing his thoughts on Reach.