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Pupil Support Staff Project

What’s it about?

Have you ever wondered what pupils think is important about the support staff who are there to help them in school?

Well, the Scottish Government asked Children in Scotland to find out!

They spoke to lots of children and young people and gathered their thoughts and opinions about what makes a good (and not so good) pupil support staff member.

Why is it important?

Pupil Support Staff are an important part of schools across Scotland. They can help to make sure that pupils with additional support needs take part in school life and get the most from it.

Without great support staff, many children and young people wouldn’t be able to access their learning. This is important because every pupil in Scotland has the right to an education.

What did they find out?

The video below shares some of the things that pupils said about support staff:

Find out more…

The Scottish Government will also use what they found out to create a ‘vision & values’ for all pupil support staff in Scotland in the future. This is to help make sure that they are the best they can be for the children and young people they work with.

You can also read the full project report on Children in Scotland’s website by hitting the button below.

If you want to find out more about the Pupil Support Staff Project, you can also contact Chris on

If you’d like to hear directly from one of the Inclusion Ambassadors then you can listen to this podcast which is called ‘Some support assistants are sound‘. In it, Brooklyne chats to her Pupil Support Assistant Mrs Edgar and Chris from Children in Scotland.

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