Pupil participation is about giving all pupils a say in what happens at school

Pupil Rachel from Harlaw Academy talking about pupil participation Rachel from Harlaw Academy shared with us about pupil participation at her school and how they’re making sure all pupils feel listened to.


2 ways my school is giving pupils a voice


“Over the past few years, my school has worked really hard to be an inclusive school and to make sure every single pupil has a voice and is included in the future of the school.”

  1. “We came up with a structure to get the whole school involved”, Rachel explains. “The Head Prefects, the House Captains and the Vice House Captains join together to make the school’s Senate. Every pupil can go to their class rep at the Senate with ideas they have to improve our school. And the Senate consults every pupil on changes to the school.”
  2. “Also, the school’s Senate is given £2000 a year to spend on what the pupils are asking for. For example, we now have more seating throughout the school for break/lunch times, extra bins, toilet locks and new card machines.”

So… what difference has more pupil participation made at Rachel’s school? 

Make your voice heard“With the pupils having more participation it means they are more invested in our school and want to get more involved.”

What has your school been doing to help pupils have a say and get involved in making decisions? Send your examples to advice@reach.scot