Privacy Policy

What does Reach do with the info I share?

When you get in touch with Reach, your question comes to the email inbox. Reach is the youth service for Enquire, helping you understand your rights to support at school. We pass your question to an adviser in the Enquire helpline team.

The helpline adviser will make a record about you on the Enquire database (a system for storing info on computers). They will put a copy of your question and their answer to your question into your record. They will also put in any other info you share – like if you tell us you have been bullied, or you have autism.

The helpline adviser will also put your name and any contact details (like your email) you share into your record, just in case you contact us again. If you don’t want us to keep your name and contact details, just email us at and we will delete them.

If you don’t contact us again, we will delete your name and address from your record after six months. We will also delete your question and our reply from our email address one month after we have answered your question.

We don’t give your information to anyone else unless you ask us to, or unless we think you might be in danger.