Privacy Policy


What does Reach do with the info I share?

When you get in touch with Reach, your question comes to the email inbox for the wider service which Reach is part of called Enquire – the Scottish Advice Service for Additional Support for Learning.

The Enquire team will make a record about you on the Enquire database (a system for storing info on computers). They will put in any info you share – like if you tell us you have been bullied, or you have autism. They will also put your name and any contact details (like your email) you share into your record. If you don’t want us to keep your name and contact details, just email us at and we will delete them straight away.

We will delete your name and contact details from your record seven days after we have replied to your message. We will also delete your question and our reply from our email account seven days after we have answered your question.

We don’t give your information to anyone else unless you ask us to, or unless we think you or someone else might be in danger.


Website cookies

We use website cookies from Google Analytics to help us understand how our website is being used. Cookies help us to find out what pages on our website are most popular and how people are using our website. We use this info to work out how we can make our website the best it can be for the people who need our advice and info.

Here’s how cookies work: When you visit Reach, the pages you look at are downloaded to your device and at the same time a cookie is downloaded. We can use the cookie to recognise you when you return to Reach or go from page to page.

To understand more about how Google stores and use this info, check out Google’s privacy policy.

If you want to understand more, Childline have got a useful webpage about cookies.