How one young person feels about their parent being in prison.

270,000 children and young people are coping with one of their parents being in prison.  This film diary tells one boy’s story of how it feels. “I hate lies, and not telling me that dad was in prison was a big FAT one”.

The boy shares in his diary how he feels “scared”, “angry”, “let down”, and “worried about my dad – is he locked up all day? What is prison really like?”.

In the film diary, the boy talks about how difficult it is at school where no one knows what’s going on. But when the boy finally tells his teacher what’s going on, she is able to support him and reassure him. “She said I could talk to her or someone else at school if I wanted. Whoever I found easiest. I could let them know anytime I visit dad or if anyone is picking on me”.

If someone in your family is in prison, Families Outside are there for you. Check out their website for advice and to hear from other young people who understand what you’re going through.