Why is having a safe space at school a good idea?

It might be that you’re finding it hard to control your behaviour. Or maybe you’re feeling stressed and anxious? But when other people at school call you names, or when you feel angry about stuff at home, it can stop you from feeling ok about school.

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What may help is having somewhere where you can take a step back from it all and have a re-think – a safe space at school.

Niddriemill Primary in Edinburgh have got just this sort of a place. They call it ‘The Retreat’. Reach visited the school to find out why it is important to the pupils there.

What makes ‘The Retreat’ a safe space in school?

  1. It’s bright and colourful.
  2. There are lots of toys, big cushions to sit on.
  3. There’s a fish tank.
  4. Calming music playing.
  5. There’s a slideshow on the wall with photos of pupils hanging out here.
  6. An achievement ladder helps us see how well we’re doing.

Why do pupils go to ‘The Retreat’?

  1. If your behaviour is bad.
  2. You can come if like you’ve been good and you’re coming for reward time.
  3. Or if you struggle to behave in class.
  4. You can come here if you’re feeling sad.
  5. You can come here if there has been an incident in school and you need to calm down in a safe space. The behaviour support teacher can sort it out and hopefully you will make up with the person.
  6. You come here if you are really upset about something and you can calm down for a little while and then go back to class.
Keep calm and carry on

Why is it so great to have this safe space in school?

  1. Because it calms you down.
  2. If someone bothers you, you’ve got somewhere to go.