Still not back at school?

If you aren’t back in school after lockdown – for example because you or a family member is shielding, or because you can only attend school part time – then you may be trying to continue to do some learning at home.

It might feel really hard to still be at home when all you want is for things to get back to normal and to be able to see your school friends again. Here are five tips to help with your well-being and learning during this time:

5 tips for your wellbeing if you’re still learning at home:

  1. It’s natural to feel worried or overwhelmed by changes to your life because of coronavirus. We’ve picked the best advice from the web to help you if you’re feeling anxious.
  2. For your own well-being and, if you are able to connect online, try to keep in touch with friends and people who can support you virtually.
  3. Try to keep to a routine, eat as healthily as you can, take time out from social media and have set times to have a go at your school work. When you’re doing home learning, try working for 25 minutes then having a 5 minute break – it’s more productive.
  4. Doing school work at home can be tough for all sorts of reasons – like not being able to ask your teacher for help, not having the right info, quiet space or equipment at home or because you find it difficult to concentrate. It’s OK if you can’t do all the work you’d normally do in class or if you can’t finish everything your teachers send you. Because most people have had to work at home at some point in the last few months, your school will understand that it’s not always easy.
  5. Remember that even when your teachers aren’t seeing you, they are still thinking of you and are there for you as best they can be. Tell them if you’re struggling, they will understand and may be able to make suggestions that will help. If you don’t want to tell them, ask an adult you trust to get in touch with the school.

Your parents, carers or other people who help support you can get in touch with our helpline if you’re struggling with home learning

4 ways to contact the Enquire helpline

If you’re struggling with your learning, the adults who help care for you can get advice about extra support for learning from Enquire  – our helpline for parents, carers and professionals.