Being excluded is when you are sent home from school and are not allowed to go back for a set amount of time. You can be excluded permanently (for good) but this is quite rare.

If the school feels that you should be excluded from school, there are some important things they must do:

  1. On the day, your school should tell you and your parents why they are excluding you and check it’s safe for you to go home.
  2. Your school should also send a letter to your parents or carer to explain the reasons why they are excluding you. (If you are over 16 they should write to you).
  3. Your school should arrange a meeting with you and your parents to talk about the exclusion. Sometimes the school will talk about changes they want to see from you when you come back.
  4. If you feel the reason for your exclusion is because you are struggling at school or are not getting the support you need this would be a good time to tell them how you feel and what support might help.

If you are feeling angry, upset or embarrassed about being excluded it’s good to talk to somebody. Childline has a telephone helpline you can ring – 0800 1111

You still have the right to an education. 

During your exclusion, you still have a right to an education. Even if the school excludes you just for a few days, your school should send you work so you don’t miss out on your learning.

You have the right to appeal your exclusion

You can appeal your exclusion if you disagree with the reason. Your school will tell you how to do this. You or your parents or carers can appeal your exclusion.

Usually, making an appeal involves sending a letter to a panel called the Education Appeal Committee. This committee will be a group of people from the local area like parents, teachers and councillors.

If I have additional support needs can my school still exclude me?

Yes. It is the same as for any other pupil. However, any additional support you need during your exclusion should be provided.

If you have a disability, your school must make sure they are not excluding you because you are disabled. They also shouldn’t exclude you due to something that happened because of your disability. This would be discrimination.

The school should not be sending you home as a way of coping with your support needs.

  • If you’ve been sent home because you have support needs, you or your parents or carers should ask for a meeting to talk about why you’re being sent home and what can be done to help you.
  • Being excluded more than once then may mean your support isn’t working for you and the school needs to find different ways to help you.
If your aged between 12-15 and want more advice about exclusions and your rights, you can contact My Rights, My Say.
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Your parents/carers can contact Enquire, our helpline for adults. 
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