During coronavirus every school is helping their pupils in different ways. Most schools have been putting ideas and resources for learning online or sending it to pupils directly.

The way that you learn during the coronavirus will be different from how you learn in school. Your teachers will be doing the best to make sure you have activities that are linked to what you’ve already being doing and that keeps your learning interesting . Being at home is also a great chance to look back at what you learned earlier in the year.

If you haven’t heard from your school, you don’t know where to find the info they sent, or you are struggling to do the work you’ve been given, try to contact a teacher or ask your parents or carers to get in touch with the school.

We’ve spoken to a few teachers and they have shared some top tips which might help you when you’re trying to work at home which are on the “My Learning and Support during coronavirus” webpage.

I’m not managing to do the same amount of work at home as I do in school.

The most important thing to remember about home-learning is DON’T WORRY. It’s OK to do less work than you’d normally do in class or not complete everything your teachers suggested. Your school will understand it can be difficult working on your own. You might not have the right information or equipment at home to do everything they’ve sent you. It’s OK, just do what you can.