New laws have been brought in to protect people in the UK from the spread of coronavirus. Some of these laws are affecting schools, education and support for learning.

New coronavirus laws have allowed the Scottish Government to ask local authorities to close schools to most pupils. The only pupils who will still be able to go to school are pupils who need a lot of extra care or support, and pupils whose parents work in jobs that are really important for keeping people safe and well – such as NHS staff or social workers.

What do new coronavirus laws mean for me, my learning and support?

As most schools are closed the new laws mean that your parents or carers do not now have to send you to school and that local authorities and schools do not have to provide you with an education or give you additional support with your learning.

However, every local authority and school is working hard while schools are closed to make sure that pupils can keep learning at home and get the support they need. Teachers will be thinking about their own pupils’ needs and providing support as best they can. You can find more information about learning at home here:  What school work should I be doing during the coronavirus school closures?

If you are still going to school because of your parents’ work or because you need lots of extra support, you may not go to the same school you usually attend. You might have to go to another school in your local area. These are sometimes being called “hub” schools. You may also have different teachers. This arrangement should only last as long as schools are closed because of coronavirus.

How long will schools be closed for?

At the moment nobody knows how long schools are going to be closed for. The Scottish Government is looking at the new coronavirus laws every 3 weeks to decide whether it is safe for schools to open, and once more information is available they will let people know. We will update this page when we know more.

I can’t take my exams, what happens now?

If you are due to sit exams find out what schools closures mean for you here. We can’t take our exams. What happens now?

Keeping up to date.

Keep checking this page. We will update this page as soon as any new information is published.