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My Rights, My Say

My Rights,
My Say

  • be involved in decisions about your support in school – for example at school meetings or tribunal cases
  • ask for an assessment if you think you might have a specific additional support need (ASN)
  • find out if you need a Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP)
  • and lots more!

Feel like you’re not getting a say about your education? If you are in Scotland and aged 12-15 then My Rights,My Say can help 🙂 #learning #support #advocacy #childrensrights

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How can my rights, my say help me?

There are three ways My Rights, My Say can support you:

Children’s views service

The children’s views service is run by Marie and can support you to share your views about your education with adults.

You can do this by chatting to one of our children’s views workers. They can meet with you online or in person (whatever works best for you!) and will write a report with your views.

You’re in control. Watch this video to find out more:

Independent advocacy

Sarah-Jane manages our advocacy service.

My Rights, My Say has advocacy workers who will listen to you and take time to understand how you feel about things. They can then help you share your views about the support you get in school, or if you want to request an assessment or a coordinated support plan (CSP).

Our advocacy workers can also attend meetings with you or on your behalf to make sure your views are considered.

Find out more from Sarah-Jane (and her dog Louie 🐶) here:

Here’s SJ (and her wee dog Louie 🐶) talking about My Rights, My Say advocacy and how an advocacy worker might be able to help you. To find out more visit the link in our bio 🙂 #childrensrights #right #advocacy #advocate #voice #support #scotland #fyp

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Legal representation

If you want to make a reference to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal, then our lawyer Iain can help you with this.

Iain will meet with you (usually online) and listen to your reasons for making a reference to the Tribunal. He will then make sure that the Tribunal have all the information and paperwork that they need to make a decision about your case.

Iain will act on your behalf during the Tribunal process. He will also deal with any legal paperwork, and advise you on anything to do with your case.

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My Rights, My Say

You can ask My Rights, My Say for help by completing an online referral form. To do this, just click the button below:

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My Rights,
My Say

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