Pupil voice: LGBT+ young person – “I am recovering from depression and anxiety… mainly because of bullying at school.” 

Getting bullied at school because of your sexual orientation can take its toll on your mental health. Find out how LGBT young people are campaigning for change.

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Having your say

The Inclusion Ambassadors: “We need to be treated equally”

Young people with diverse support needs campaigning for everyone to be included, no one left out.

Youth voice

Pupils’ views on the key issues at school that it’s good to get advice on

We learn so much from listening to you. Here are some of the views you’ve shared with us about the key problems you face at school that you’d like more advice about.

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Hearing loss

BSL – pupils at St Rochs hearing impairment unit share their advice

Your rights

Speaking up about mental health issues

Finding it hard to stay positive? Like lots of pupils, Jenna struggled with anger issues when she was having a hard time at school. She talked about how she was feeling and got support through her House Base.

Your rights

Sorting out issues – how I used my right to ask for an assessment

If you aren’t happy with one of your classes, you can ask to be assessed to find out what learning support will work better for you. Here’s how Josh had his say.

Your rights

How I got the chance to use my voice at school

Ever had a difficult relationship with someone at school? Find out how a meeting with her teachers helped Shannon have her say and make things easier for her.

Your rights

Speaking up at the pupil council about what matters to us

Does something need fixed at your school? Scott spoke up at Pupil Council and made getting online easier.

Support for learning

Pupil from the Royal Blind School shares his top tip


Pupil Voice: “My dyslexia enables me to be creative”

From Dyslexia Unwrapped, where you can listen to lots of young people talk about the ups and downs of having dyslexia.