Money and housing issues

Support at school for pupils who have been made homeless

Every day 60 children are made homeless in Scotland. What extra help might make school easier for them?

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Alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol – issues and support

What are the biggest issues surrounding drug and alcohol use among young people?

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Pupil voice: talking about bullying

Bullying can take many forms, from teasing someone to online bullying on social media.

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Leaving school

Why it’s a good idea to let your college or uni know you’re disabled

Advice from LEAD about letting your college or uni know you’re disabled.

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Mental health

Why tell someone?

Wise words from the young people at Aye Mind 

Support for learning

Pupil voice: “Don’t fight your stammer, embrace it”

Hear from Fraser about his experiences and the advice he has for someone living with a stammer.

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Money and housing issues

Does it feel like how much money your family has is affecting your friendships?

What young people say about how money issues affect friendship, and six things schools can do to help

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Living with autism – Five things that help

Watch this film and hear from Amber about living with autism.

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Changing School

Pupil voice: moving to high school and getting support for my dyslexia

Hear from Abby about her experience about having dyslexia and changing schools.

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Your rights

Know your rights: the UN Convention on the rights of the child

Find out about your rights to be listened to and involved in decisions made about your support in school.

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