Ethnic Minority Young People

Pupil Voice: Young refugees talk about their education in Scotland

Can you imagine having to leave behind your home, friends and family and go on your own to a new country you know nothing about? Find out what it’s like for young refugees in Scotland and the support they need to get the most out of their education.

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Pupil participation

3 reasons why pupil participation at school matters

There are lots of ways that pupils can get involved in decision making at school. But why does pupil participation matter? Here are 3 good reasons.

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Support for learning

Want to write to the council about your support needs? You can use this letter….

If you feel you need more support at school or you don’t like the support you’re getting, talking to somebody you trust in school is a good place to start. You should be listened to and taken seriously. If this isn’t happening, you can write a letter to the council. Here’s a template you can use.

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Leaving school

Why it’s a good idea to let your college or uni know you’re disabled

Disabled. It’s a loaded word not all disabled people want to identify with. But if you want to get off to a good start at college or uni – try to make peace with that word and tick the disability box on your application form.

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Having your say

Pupil voice: my advice for dealing with school problems


Does worrying about how you look hold you back at school? Let’s get real…

If you find it hard to feel confident at school because of how you look, you’re not alone. Find out how the Be Real campaign is out to change our ideas about the ‘perfect body’.

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Having your say

Pupil voice: my advice if you’re feeling down about school

Your rights

Pupil Voice: Respecting Children’s Rights at our School

Learning about your rights can help you feel more cared for and in control of your future. Find out more about the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Awards.

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Pupil voice: LGBT+ young person – “I am recovering from depression and anxiety… mainly because of bullying at school.” 

Getting bullied at school because of your sexual orientation can take its toll on your mental health. Find out how LGBT young people are campaigning for change.

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Having your say

The Inclusion Ambassadors: “We need to be treated equally”

Young people with diverse support needs campaigning for everyone to be included, no one left out.