Surviving exam day

Exam day is here. Eek. Take a deep breath and read these tips to help you get through the day….

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Changing School

Making friends at my new school

worried about making friends - picture of young person on their ownWorried about making friends at your new school? You’re not the only one.

We’ve got lots of good tips about making friends in our relationships advice section.  

Out of school

Advice for young carers

If you’re a young carer helping to care for someone at home, getting yourself to school and keeping up with school work can be difficult.

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For a giggle: Mexican Wave in an Exam Hall

Mental health

Feeling stressed?

If school is stressing you out, Childline have ideas that might help you cope better. Our fave tip? Try breaking down a big problem into smaller ones you can try to solve one at a time.

Young Scot have got good tips on stress busting too. 


Some good advice from Childline about friends

We ❤️ this tip from Childline:

‘The number of friends you have isn’t important. What matters is having friends that you’re close to, who can support you and who won’t try to hurt you or bully you.’

Childline have got more good advice about making friends.

Money and housing issues

Things tough at home?

Here are some of the issues at home that might mean you need extra support at school:

  • family arguments or parents splitting up
  • someone dying
  • moving to a new country and not knowing if you can stay
  • helping to care for someone at home
  • being homeless or in temporary housing
  • being in care
  • having a family member in prison
  • not having enough money for food, school uniform or school trips.

Money and housing issues

I’m thinking about running away

Who to talk to if school problems get so bad you want to run away from home.

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Money and housing issues

Coping with your parents splitting up

When your parents separate or divorce, coping with the change can make school hard. Get some advice here.

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Leaving school

Deciding when to leave school

Here’s what you need to know to help you decide when to leave school.

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