Homophobia at school – being bullied about your sexual orientation

LGBT Youth Scotland film for people who are being bullied or are just trying to work out who they really are…

Lots of schools now have LGBT societies and groups you can join to get support.



Support for learning

When English isn’t your first language, ESOL classes can help

Fixers film about support to learn English.

Hearing loss

Deaf vlogger shares life lessons

An NDCS film by a deaf teenager talking to her 10 year old self about what she’s learnt in life. If you’re a deaf young person living in Scotland, you can get more good advice from the NDCS Buzz website. Visit the website to check out what’s going on in your area, take part in campaigns and meet other deaf young people.

Young carers

My life as a young carer

Hear from someone who understands. A Fixers film by a girl caring for her mum.

Leaving school

A film about getting ready to leave school

Changing School

Moving schools? Some advice from young people

Fixers film with tips on moving from Primary to Secondary School.


Little comments hurt too

How banter can become bullying – A Fixers film by young people.


Being bullied? Not sure what to do?

respectme film about your options.

Changing School

I don’t know yet which school I am going to next year

Waiting to hear what school you are going to next year can be an anxious time? Here’s some practical advice to help you.

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Stressed about exams?

Feeling stressed about exams? Check out these tips to help you cope with revision and deal with the worries you might have about exam day and not getting the grades.

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