Pupil participation

Why it’s good to go to meetings

Been asked to go to a meeting at school about how you’re getting on and the help you need? You might not want to go to the meeting. Here are some good reasons to go….

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Mental health

Looking for a counsellor?

Counselling is a safe space to talk about issues at school. Find out how to look for a counsellor near you.

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Pupil Voice: “Eczema really affects me at school because I find myself distracted”

A young person shares their story and has a say about how schools could support young people with eczema.

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Leaving school

Advice we wish we’d known when we left school

Remember that YOU know yourself best. You’re making a choice for you, not for anyone else. And if plan A doesn’t work out, don’t worry. Lots of people end up doing something different from what they first planned.

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Your rights

What’s next? Getting ready to leave school


feet walking away from school

Your school should start supporting you to get ready to leave at least a year before you are due to go.


Find out ways your school could help and the info they might pass on when you go


Alexia Casales tells us about her book The Bone Dragon and having dyslexia


Have you read The Bone Dragon? For a young woman with dyslexia and dyspraxia who only learnt to read when she was 10 years old, the author Alexia Casale is an amazing example of how, with the right support, all things are possible.


Changing School

Moving school: Eilidh’s story

Eilidh tell Reach how she felt about leaving her primary school and going to secondary school. She uses a wheelchair so it was important for her to know that her new school was making plans to ensure she had the support she needed. 

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Wheelchair racing champion Samantha Kinghorn: “I’m proud of my disability”

“I wanted to go to a school that had everyone in wheelchairs so I was the same as everyone else but my friends just said to me, ‘No, you’re coming back!’ I got no choice!”

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Out of school

At risk of exclusion? Young people have a say

Having our say: young people at Dunfermline school tell us about the help the Inclusion Unit has given them to make changes in their lives so they won’t be excluded anymore

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Domestic abuse

Film by young people about domestic abuse

One Voice at a Time – Tackling domestic abuse through the voice of the young.

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