Care experienced

Care-experienced? You have the right to extra support in school if you need it

Find out about ways schools can support you if you’re care-experienced, and hear from other young people in care.

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Mental health

It’s okay not to be okay. But it’s also okay to ask for help.

Watch Seeme Scotland’s new film helping young people know it’s ok to not feel ok.

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Mental health

5 tips if you’re feeling down, by someone whose been through it

Jonny shares his tips if you’re feeling down or thinking about harming yourself.

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Family in prison

“It’s like I am carrying a giant invisible secret”

How one young person feels about their parent being in prison.

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Mental health

Can’t sleep? 4 things that could help

Not getting enough sleep can make it hard to focus in class and study, here are 4 things you could try…

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Feeling judged for having dyslexia

“When I used to read a book it was like the words were jumping all over the place.” A film by I am Me Scotland.

Sight loss

My voice: living with sight loss

Haggeye is the RNIB youth forum in Scotland.

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A film about being bullied for having problems reading

Check out this film called Judged, by I am me Scotland. It’s one girl’s story of what it’s like to have dyslexia and be bullied about reading aloud in class. (more…)


Pupil voice: befriending pupils with autism

Raising awareness of autism – a great pupil project in Stirling.

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Mental health

How anxiety affects you at school

Louise a young person from Falkirk is on a campaign to help teachers get better at supporting pupils with anxiety.  (more…)