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Mental health

It’s not always easy to talk

Talking to someone you trust at school can be the first step to getting help.

Young people have a say

Make your voice heard

Young people have a say

Extra support with education: what’s important to pupils in Scotland? The ASL Review

The ASL Review: How well has extra support with education been working in schools across Scotland? Find out what matters to young people in this national review which the Scottish Government asked for.

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Money and housing issues

Pupil Voice: The Cost of Learning in Lockdown

For families struggling with money issues, the coronavirus crisis hasn’t been easy. Hear from pupils sharing with Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland about their experiences during lockdown, the support that has helped, and their feelings about the return to school.

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Changing School

Pupil voice: moving school after coronavirus

Starting at a new school is a big change in your life, especially when you’ve not been able to go to school for ages because of the coronavirus lockdown. Read one young person’s blog about how she’s feeling.

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Pupil Voice: an autistic teenager’s diary of life in lockdown

We love this video diary of life in lockdown for Victoria, a teenager with autism from the Highlands – meltdown moments, worries about change, going for a daily jog for her wellbeing. Victoria got help to make her film from the Pines, Highland Council, Chip + and the National Autistic Society Scotland.

Young people have a say

Pupil Voice: coronavirus school closures – coping when I miss my pals

“I always feel better after I’ve talked to my friends. We speak to each other every day at 12 .30 when we’d usually be at lunch. After that I don’t miss them as much.” Martha age 11

Young people have a say

Pupil voice: How I feel about coronavirus home learning…

“It’s giving me time to go back over work I’ve done in class without feeling worried. (Dyslexic pupil aged 12)

Pupil participation

Pupil Voice: My experience of living with ADHD

For young people with ADHD it can be hard to concentrate in school. Hear from one pupil about what it’s been like for them in school.

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Out of school

Being excluded from school: what you need to know

Find out about your rights if you’ve been excluded from school.

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Pupil participation

Pupil Voice: I am visually impaired and this is what helps me feel supported at school

Find out more about how schools can support pupils who are visually impaired.

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Young carers

Pupil Voice: What schools can do to support me as a young carer

Top tips for schools and teachers about how they can support pupils who are also young carers.

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