Every day, 60 children are made homeless in Scotland. A youth group from Shelter Scotland talked to Reach about their ideas for support that might make school easier for them.

Children who have been made homeless are:

  • Twice as likely to leave school without qualifications
  • Twice as likely to suffer persistent bullying
  • 5 times as likely to lack a quiet space to do homework
  • More likely to run away from home.

Support at school – what could be done?

  1. Help to get new friends and fit in if someone has had to move schools lots
  2. Make sure they get the same amount of help that they got in their other schools
  3. Friendly teachers
  4. Pay for some of the bus fares and arrange taxis if temporary housing is far away from school
  5. Buddies showing people about
  6. Listen to them to help them stop feeling so nervous
  7. Help families get into school on timealarm clock
  8. Talk to the families about missing school 
  9. Provide pencils for homework
  10. Help with books or internet access for homework.

They should make sure pupils have their say in it, and how they would like things to be done.

What could parents and carers do to support pupils?

  1. Try to help with homework.pencil pot
  2. Help with getting to school on time.
  3. Get rid of wee brothers and sisters, so there’s time to study alone and concentrate.
  4. Find space for homework to be done.

If you want to find out more about homelessness, Shelter have lots more information. Click here