It helps to talk: find out about how you can access counselling

Counselling (also known as Therapy) is when you chat to a person called a Counsellor (also known as a Therapist) about how you feel. It is a safe space to talk about your feelings and any problems in your life. It can also help to build your confidence and self-esteem. Counselling can take place in person or online.

On the left is an image of two people having a counselling session in person, sitting across from each other at a table. On the right in an image of a counselling service taking place online on a video call, where one person is chatting to the other using a laptop.

If you’re aged 10 or over, you can ask your school about accessing counselling services through them.

School counselling is just one of a range of services that schools may have in place to support your health, emotional and social needs. Speak to your school about the option that would be best for you.

You can also speak to your doctor/GP about how you are feeling. They may be able to refer you to a counselling service. 

Finally, you can also look for a counsellor near you using this Counselling Directory. Remember to choose ‘Young People’ for the ‘Type of Client’ box at the bottom.

Please note that the services that appear in the Counselling Directory are likely to cost money and that counsellors usually charge an hourly rate. It’s always best to chat to your family first to find out if paying for counselling is an option. And remember, you can speak to your school or doctor/GP about accessing counselling too.