It’s totally normal to feel worried or scared about the coronavirus. Feeling anxious is natural when things around you are changing so quickly.

There are lots of things you can do to help you stay calm and feel more in control.

Young Minds is a charity that helps young people who are struggling with anxiety. They have loads of advice to help you while you have to stay inside. We’ve shared some of their advice below but check their website for more.

Talk to somebody about how you’re feeling.

Sharing what is worrying you with someone you trust can help you feel less overwhelmed.

Arm yourself with the facts

There are lots of false stories around about the coronavirus and reading and listening to them can make you feel more anxious. Try to only look at trusted sources like the Scottish Government or Young Scot websites. Try not to look at the news or social media all the time. Take a break. It’ll help.

Try to plan your time

Having a routine can help you feel calm. It’s likely that you’ve been asked by your school to stay at home and they will probably have given you some learning to do at home. If you need help with your school work at home talk to your family, school friends or your teachers about this if you can.

Find things that help you feel calm

Think about the things you like doing that have helped you if you have felt overwhelmed in the past – like breathing techniques, writing down how you feel, reading, doing exercises, playing music or talking to a friend.

Try to keep healthy

Try to keep to a routine as much as possible by getting up in the morning and going to bed at the same time. Eating regular meals and drinking plenty water can also help. Take plenty breaks throughout the day to talk to someone or do something that you enjoy. It can be hard to keep active indoors but try activities in your home that get you moving, like doing an online exercise class or dancing to your favourite songs.