Coping with anxiety

It’s natural to feel worried about coronavirus and all the changes in your life at the moment. You might have had a really hard time during lockdown, like problems at home, money worries or struggling with your mental health. You might also be feeling anxious about going back to school when it reopens, what it will be like and whether it will be safe.

Be kind to yourself – coronavirus is not a normal situation and it’s ok not to feel ok about the changes to your life and your education.

6 tips if you’re anxious about coronavirus, learning at home or going back to school

Here are our 6 top tips to help with how you’re feeling. Remember that our accessibility tools (top right corner) mean you can access this advice in the way that’s right for you, including with screenreader, over 100 languages and changing how the page looks.

  1. Sharing how you feel helps – it’s better out than in. Talk to someone you trust, like a friend, family member, teacher or helpline. We suggest a few helplines below….
  2. If you are anxious about whether it will be safe to go back to school again, check out our advice on what schools are doing to keep everyone safe.
  3. Try not to worry about the schoolwork you might miss whilst schools are closed. Remember that everyone is in the same boat and that teachers are there to support you if there is school work you need help to catch up with.
  4. If you are struggling with learning at home, for whatever reason, remember that you have the right to extra support to help you in your education. Talk to your teachers about the help you need.
  5. Social media and the news can make you feel anxious. Take a break and limit how much you look at them. Remember that you are in control – think about deleting apps or unfollowing people if they are worrying you.
  6. Feel worried about your future? Find out about organisations who can help you think about your options when you leave school.

Who else can help me?

Contact childline: online, on the phone, anytime. 0800 1111

If you’re scared or anxious about coronavirus, learning at home or going back to school, Childline have some good ideas on their website for things you can do to make it better. You can also call Childline on 0800 1111 or speak to a 1-to-1 counsellor online. If you are deaf you can use SignVideo.

If you need urgent help, you can text YM to 85258 to contact Young Minds. Young Minds also have good advice about coping with coronavirus anxieties, like not overexposing yourself to too much news or social media.

Young Scot Logo

Young Scot can help you understand simple steps to keep yourself and other people safe. They have ideas for how you can help others and some useful discounts if you have money worries.