It’s natural to feel worried about changes happening because of the coronavirus crisis.

 Be kind to yourself – coronavirus is not a normal situation and it’s ok not to feel ok about all the changes that it’s brought to your life and your education. We’ve picked the best advice on the web if you’re feeling anxious. Remember that our accessibility tools mean you can access this advice in the way that’s right for you.

Contact childline: online, on the phone, anytime. 0800 1111


  1. Childline have 10 tips to help you cope during coronavirus, like: “Tell someone if you need support: It can be tough when you’re used to having support from a school counsellor. If you can, try to talk to an adult you trust.
  2. Childline also have advice to help with anxiety: “Take a break from watching or reading the news to do something you enjoy. Do things every day to take care of yourself”.
  3. If being at home more often is making you feel unsafe, Childline can help: “Your safety is more important than anything.”
  4. Check out the games and videos in Childline’s calm zone too. We like the game where you put worries on a wall of expression and watch them crumble away.

Call Childline 0800 1111 or speak to a 1-to-1 counsellor online. If you are deaf use SignVideo.

Young Minds

  1. If you’re feeling anxious, Young Minds can help: “While it is normal to feel worried, if you are starting to feel overwhelmed, it’s important to acknowledge your feelings and speak to someone.”
  2. If the news or social media is making you feel low, Young Minds say: “Remember you are in control of what you see on your feed. Take breaks when you do feel like things are getting too much or mute and unfollow accounts that make you feel more worried.”
  3. Young Minds have good tips to help you cope, like finding something to look forward to and finding a way to get the worries out.

If you need urgent help, text YM to 85258 to contact Young Minds.

Young Scot Logo

Young Scot

  1. Young Scot have reassuring info to help you understand more about coronavirus and how to keep yourself and other people safe, including video explainers, common questions and NHS health advice.
  2. Helping others can be a good way to help yourself. Check out Young Scot’s ideas on how you can support others in your community.
  3. If you feel worried about money, there are useful young scot discounts that might help, including support to help young carers.

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