Making sure the right people know what support you need after you leave school is important. But so is respecting your privacy.

Six months before you leave school, information about you and your needs should be passed to people who could support you after you leave. This is to try to make sure the support you need will be in place. This might be social work, health services, colleges, universities or other organisations like Skills Development Scotland (who help young people find opportunities after school).

Your school might pass on information about:

  1. how you’ve done at school in the past
  2. how you are getting on now
  3. what you are good at
  4. what type of support you need
  5. what your plans are

Parachutists passing on rolled up paperIMPORTANT! Your school or local council must ask your permission before they share personal info about you.

What type of info should NOT be shared?

Some info about you should be kept private and should only be shared if it is needed to get you the right support.

This might be things like:

  1. sensitive details about your life
  2. info about your health needs
  3. if you’ve been involved with the police.

Talk to your school if you have any questions about what they will share.