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Compass – helping make change easy

If you are someone who has big changes happening, like leaving school, there is a new web app that could help you!

ARC Scotland has recently launched COMPASS – an online resource helping young people in Scotland navigate the challenges of leaving school or facing other important changes.

COMPASS is easy to use. There is a version just for young people and versions for parents, carers, and professionals too.

The aim of COMPASS is to help you manage change and plan for the future. It can help to make things smoother and less scary.

You can watch this video from the launch of COMPASS to find out more about it:

Find out More about COMPASS

COMPASS is free. It is designed to help you, and the people who support you, during periods of change. For example, leaving school to go to college or starting a new job.

COMPASS provides personalised guidance. This means that it offers information and advice tailored to your specific situation.

Additionally, COMPASS allows you to share your thoughts and feelings about the change, helping to make sure your voice is heard and understood. It’s also anonymous, which means that the information you share is private.

You can watch this video find out more about how it can help:

Where can I access COMPASS?

If you are a young person, you can access COMPASS by hitting the button below or scanning the QR code:

Adults, like parents, carers and professionals have their own versions of COMPASS that they find by by clicking here.

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