The Inclusion Ambassadors have created a Vision Statement. It sets out how they think schools can help pupils feel more included and supported.

The group share their experiences of being pupils with additional support needs in Scotland. This includes what works and but also what would make things better. The Vision Statement came about as part of these open and honest discussions.

Adults who make decisions about education in Scotland can use the Vision Statement to help them understand what young people with additional support needs want from school. It was also one of the things agreed in an action plan created in 2020 after a review of additional support for learning.

Above all, the Vision Statement should help make sure young people get better support in school.

The Inclusion Ambassadors created their Vision Statement earlier this year. The group now want to share it across Scotland. They hope this will help make changes for children and young people with additional support needs.

Reach will support the Inclusion Ambassadors to share their vision. We will champion children’s rights to get the support they need. We‘ll continue to provide advice and share what has helped other pupils feel included, listened to and involved in decisions about their education.