The Inclusion Ambassadors are a group of secondary school pupils from all over Scotland who have additional support needs.
They meet regularly and discuss what works well and what would make things better.

Recently, the Inclusion Ambassadors shared their experiences of returning to school. In this post we look at what they’ve been saying about the support they’ve received upon their return to school.

Has your support changed since you’ve gone back to school?
The Inclusion Ambassadors have a really mixed experience of the support they have received since returning to school.

They highlighted some new problems. For example, finding it challenging to understand people when they’re wearing facemasks and staff being absent due to self-isolation.

“I constantly have teachers coming up and asking ‘How you doing with this?’. It marks me as different.

“Having to repeat the same issues over and over is really tiring and annoying.

“There’s some things I don’t need any support on. But they still do it. It gets me angry..

“It [support] just gets pushed to the side. I don’t know why they’re not listening.”

What advice would you give to schools to support children with additional support needs returning to school?
The Inclusion Ambassadors recognise that this situation has not happened before. It can be a stressful time for everyone at school.
Their main message is for school staff to listen.
  • Take everyone’s needs into account.
  • Treat people as their needs require.
  • Don’t read something then go off hoping it’ll work for everyone.
  • It’s unfair to treat him/her the same.
  • Just talk to us.
  • Just listen and see what you can do.
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The Ambassadors are encouraged to speak freely and openly, sharing their experiences of being a pupil with additional support needs in Scotland, including what works and what would make things better. If you would like to know more about the group you can find out more here.