The Inclusion Ambassadors are a group of secondary school pupils from all over Scotland who have additional support needs.

They meet regularly and discuss what works well and what would make things better.

At online meetings the Inclusion Ambassadors have been sharing their experiences of returning to school. Here, we look at what they’ve been saying. As you’ll see, everyone had different experiences at different times!

Is it easier to ask for help and support with your work at school or online?
The group said they were generally looking forward to returning to school and getting more support from their teachers. School work had felt harder at home.

Some of the Inclusion Ambassadors have liked being in class again because they can ask teachers directly for support. They felt they had not been able to have as much contact when learning from home.

The only teacher I regularly emailed with was my art teacher so it’s nice to get to talk to my other ones and ask questions. It’s also hard to get tone and stuff through an email.


Some of the group did say it had been a bit easier to ask for help when working remotely.  

‘I felt for me it was easier to ask a teacher online about something instead of approaching them normally with a question about something’ 

Getting back into a routine…
Some of the Inclusion Ambassadors felt their routine had not changed much with returning to school. But others said they were struggling to get back in to the habit of getting up so early!

“I’m really happy I’m seeing my friends again.”

I was looking forward to getting back into a routine. Mine changed a lot… but I hate having to wake up early.”

“I hadn’t been in a long time so getting back into that routine was going to be hard, especially given the new rules set in place for school.”

How are you feeling now you’re back at school?
Being back at school can have its ups and downs. The Inclusion Ambassadors shared that some of them were feeling stressed about wearing a mask and not being able to take it off.
Others however, are finding the return to school good for them.

“Having a teacher I trust – it just makes it a lot easier.”

“People wearing their mask in school (when they can). It’s a bit more safe. After a while, being in school, it’s got better. They’ve controlled it. We are less panicky. – some pupils don’t wear it in hallways in schools.

“Seeing my friends – I can’t see my friends when I am at home learning, so I feel happy to see my friends.”

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The Ambassadors are encouraged to speak freely and openly, sharing their experiences of being a pupil with additional support needs in Scotland, including what works and what would make things better. If you would like to know more about the group you can find out more here.