Helping you understand more about what to expect when schools re-open in Scotland after coronavirus school closures

Schools are re-opening. How are you feeling? A bit weird about coming out of the lockdown bubble? Worried about what it will be like? Happy about seeing people at school again? However you’re feeling, remember that schools will be doing everything they can to help you feel welcome, safe and able to re-connect with teachers and classmates.

Anxious about going back to school? We can help you understand more about what to expect when schools re-open

When are schools due to re-open?

As long as health experts say it’s safe, the Scottish Government is planning to re-open schools on 11 August 2020. Your school will give you more info about when they’ll re-open once it’s decided.

Will it be safe to go back to school when it re-opens?

One of your school’s top priorities when you go back will be your safety and wellbeing.

Schools across Scotland are already working on plans to make sure pupils can return safely when they re-open. These plans will include making sure that everything is kept clean at school and that you and the staff are able to stay a safe distance apart and don’t come into contact with too many people.

What will school be like when it re-opens?

To keep everyone safe from coronavirus your school may have to make a few changes. These changes may be hard to get used to at first, but your teachers will be doing everything they can to help you settle in. Changes might include:

  1. Having some classes in smaller groups.
  2. Having more lessons outside or in other community spaces like libraries.
  3. Making sure everyone washes their hands regularly.
  4. Putting up signs to make sure everyone stays a safe distance apart during the school day – like at drop off, pick up, lunchtime and playtime, when moving about the school building or sitting in class.
Pupil asking what will my support look like when I go back to school?

What if I have additional support needs?

Staff in your school will be looking at the support you normally get and thinking about whether you need different or extra support to return to school and continue with your learning. Your school should talk to you and your family about the support they can give you.

A charity called Mindroom have created a Back to School toolkit to help pupils think about how they feel about coronavirus and the return to school. It’s easy to use and there are separate sections for primary and secondary school pupils. You can share this info with your school so they know what you are worried about and what might help you.

The toolkit also has ideas of things you can do before the new school term starts, so you feel OK about going back to school after learning at home for such a long time.

Will I be in school every day once schools re-open?

The Scottish Government have said that if scientific advice says it’s safe, then their aim is for schools to re-open full time in August, with most pupils going to school every weekday. A small number of pupils who have a health condition may not be able to go back to school, and may have to learn at home until it is completely safe for them to return.

Although the Scottish Government are hoping schools will be able re-open full-time in August, this will depend on whether it is safe. If during the summer holidays the number of coronavirus cases goes up again, then they may decide that children should not return to school, or that they should only go back to school for a few days a week so that there are not as many pupils in the school building at the same time. If this happens then your school will continue to help you learn at home when you are not in school.

Your school will be in touch with you or your family once they know what is happening, to tell you what to expect next school term.  

Feeling anxious?

It can be difficult to cope with not knowing what to expect next school term. Remember that your school will be working hard to make sure you are safe and get the support you need when you return to school.

It’s natural to feel worried about all the changes happening at the moment because of coronavirus. There’s a lot of good advice on the web if you’re feeling worried or overwhelmed, so we’ve picked out some of the best tips in this short post for you.