Are you finding it hard to focus on school work during Covid-19?

During coronavirus, it’s tricky trying to do your school work at home, especially when there’s so much on your mind.

When you need to get down to reading or study, sometimes you may find that you’re ‘in the zone’ and other times your mind is wandering all over the place. Although you may not be able to do all the home learning set by your teachers, if there is work to do, you might find these tips helpful.

Four tips to help you focus on home learning during coronavirus:

  1. Calm your mind. If you are feeling very anxious or stressed this can make it hard to focus on work. Check out our helpful advice on de-stressing.Cartoon of man sitting on a brain.
  2. Try to get enough sleep. A lack of sleep will make it harder to focus your mind.  Read our tips to help you sleep better at night.
  3. Work to a timetable. Structure your time into 25 minutes of work where you cut out all distractions – like social media – and then reward yourself with a short break.
  4. Motivate yourself and make it interesting. Everyone struggles to concentrate on something that they find boring, or if there is no reward for doing it. If there’s something you’re finding hard to engage with, think about whether there is a way you can make it more fun. Maybe studying it in a different way, or rewarding yourself for achieving a goal – maybe with a small treat, break or activity you enjoy.

If you struggle to concentrate at school 

Some pupils with particular additional support needs find it really difficult to concentrate at school and being at home may make it more difficult. For example, if you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism or dyslexia you might find it really difficult to keep your thoughts on something for long periods of time. But there are lots of different ways to learn. Check out our page on different ideas for #AccessibleHomelearning.