If you’re unsure about which school you’re going to at the start of the new term, it may be that – due to coronavirus – things look a little bit different to normal.

If your family want you to attend a school, other than your local school, they may have made a placing request* to your local council to ask if you can move to a different school.

Because of coronavirus, it may take longer to find out the council’s decision about whether you can go to or not.

*If you are 16 or over you can make a placing request yourself.

What do coronavirus changes mean for my placing request?
  • Councils are trying to make sure that every pupil knows which school they’re going to after the summer but because of coronavirus, you may still be waiting for a final decision.
  • If you still haven’t heard from the council about your placing request, it may be because your parents or carers got a decision they’re not happy with and decided to appeal it.
  • The final decision about which school you go to may not be made until later in the summer holidays, or even after the new school term starts as councils currently have longer to look at appeals because of changes related to coronavirus.

If the school your parents or carers want you to attend is a special school, they have the right to appeal the decision at the ASN Tribunal. The Tribunal is a special court that looks at disagreements about extra support in school. Because of coronavirus, it may take longer than usual for the Tribunal to hear placing request appeals.

I’m feeling worried about not knowing which school I’ll be going to next year.

Which school you are going to is a big deal and it’s OK to feel anxious about not knowing.

Things might feel a bit uncertain until you find out the result of the appeal. 

Your parents and carers should talk to the council about the best way to continue your learning until this happens. Once it’s clear which school you’ll be going to, the staff at that school should speak to you about the support you need to settle in and catch up with any work you have missed.  

If you’re struggling with anxiety, you might find it useful to check out this advice.

Getting help to have your say

If you feel your school hasn’t been able to give you the support you need, (because of coronavirus or not) and you are aged 12 – 15, you can get in touch with My Rights, My Say who can help you speak to your school about what you need.

Here’s Pauline from My Rights, My Say to explain how they can help you.

If you want more info about your rights to support with your education check out the Know my rights page of Reach.