Changes to protect everyone from coronavirus are affecting schools, education and support for learning in Scotland.

What do coronavirus changes mean for me, my learning and support right now?

Laws brought in to protect everyone from coronavirus mean that the Scottish Government has asked councils to close schools to most pupils. This is to prevent the spread of coronavirus and allow schools, nurseries and councils to plan and prepare for reopening in a safe way when the time is right to do so.

While schools are closed, teachers are being asked to support learning at home for pupils who usually attend their schools.

How can I carry on with my learning if I can’t go to school?

Every council and school is working hard while schools are closed to make sure that pupils can keep learning at home and get the support they need. Teachers are thinking about their own pupils’ needs and providing support as best they can.

If I was getting extra support with my learning before schools closed, will I still get it?

If you were getting extra support with your learning before schools closed, then your council and your school should still be doing what they can to take account of your individual needs and to tailor support to help you learn.

However, while you are learning at home, the support might be different to what you had before schools closed. It is important that you tell your teachers straight away if you are struggling with your learning and need extra help. You can tell them what you think might make things easier for you.

Are there any pupils who ARE still in school right now?

The only pupils who may still be going to school right now are pupils who need a lot of extra care or support, and pupils whose parents work in jobs that are really important for keeping people safe and well – like NHS staff or social workers.

If you are still going to school because of your parents’ work or because you need lots of extra support, you may not be going to the same school you usually attend. You might be going to another school in your local area. These are sometimes being called “hub” schools. You may also have different teachers. This arrangement should only last as long as schools are closed because of coronavirus.