We can help you understand more about what schools are doing to help you feel safe and supported post-lockdown

How are you feeling about being back at school? A bit weird about coming out of the lockdown bubble? Worried about whether it’s safe? Happy about seeing friends again? However you’re feeling, remember that schools are doing everything they can to help you feel welcome, safe and able to re-connect with teachers and classmates.

Back to school understand what to expect

What are schools doing to keep pupils safe?

One of your school’s top priorities post-lockdown is your safety and wellbeing. Schools across Scotland are working hard to make sure that everything is kept clean and that you don’t come into contact with too many people.

To keep everyone safe from coronavirus, your school may make a few changes. These changes may be hard to get used to at first, but your teachers will be doing everything they can to help you settle in. Changes might include:

  1. Staying together with your class for the whole school day rather than mixing with lots of other pupils.
  2. Making sure classrooms are well ventilated.
  3. Making sure everyone washes their hands regularly and uses a tissue or elbow to catch a cough or sneeze.
  4. Having lunch or break time at slightly different times and in smaller groups.
  5. Making changes so it’s easier to keep a safe distance – like changes to drop off and pick up at the start and end of the day; changes to the layout and seating in classrooms; and changes to how everyone moves about the school building.
  6. Asking pupils to wear face masks in some cases – check out our advice on face masks in schools here.

What if I need support at school?

If you have additional support needs, you can go to school along with your classmates, unless your GP or healthcare team has advised that for health reasons it would be better for you to keep learning at home.

If you were getting support before coronavirus schools closures, the school should look at what support you had before and whether you now need different or extra support to be able to return to school and get the most from your education.

If you weren’t getting extra support before schools closed but feel like you will need it to be able to learn and take part at school, talk to the school about the extra help you need.

The adults who help support you can also contact Enquire, a helpline for advice about support for learning

What if there is another outbreak of coronavirus or I start showing symptoms?

All schools will be keeping a careful eye out for possible outbreaks of coronavirus. If you or someone in your family shows symptoms of coronavirus, you should not attend school or leave home. Book a test immediately. You and your family must then self-isolate for 10 days. Talk to the school about how you can continue your learning at home during this time.

Your parents/carers can click here to read more on the Parent Club website about what to do if you or a family member show symptoms of coronavirus

Feeling anxious?

It can be difficult to cope with all the changes happening because of coronavirus.

If you feel worried or overwhelmed, click here to check out these tips to help with anxiety

3 more good tools to help with your return to school

  1. Mindroom’s Back to School toolkit can help you think about how you feel about the return to school.
  2. The Children’s Parliament’s Back to School resource is centred on children’s rights and wellbeing.
  3. Reach have an infographic with 5 good things to know about your return to school.