Not been in school even before coronavirus?

For some pupils, going to school or attending full time can be really difficult. This might be because you struggle with anxiety about going to school in general, it’s too noisy or overwhelming or you’ve had upsetting experiences there in the past. You might worry that you’ve missed too much schoolwork and feel like you can’t catch up.

Now might be a good time to think about returning….

If you missed a lot of school last year, the idea of going back in August might be pretty scary. But this year is going to be really different because everybody has been off school. Everybody has been trying to learn at home and probably struggling to keep motivated and keep up with school work. Everybody will be at different stages, with some pupils doing lots of work and some people not managing to do very much at all.

So you will not be on your own if you need some extra support with your learning. Teachers and support staff will already be thinking about the different experiences pupils have had at home and their biggest priority will be to help everybody feel OK about being back at school. All pupils will be getting time to catch up with work they may have missed while schools have been closed.

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Thinking about what can help you

Your school re-opening after lockdown is a really good opportunity to talk to your teachers about what might help you to feel OK about going back to school. You might want to talk to them about only going in for a few mornings a week till you feel less anxious, or only attending certain classes you feel comfortable in. You could also ask them to keep sending work home if you do end up being off school or don’t manage to attend full time.

Keep talking

What’s important is to keep talking to your school and telling them how you are feeling. If you find it too difficult to share how you’re feeling, your parents or carers could talk to the school instead. We know it’s not easy to talk, which is why we made this wee animation about this.

If you are aged 12 – 15 and you need help to speak to your school, you can get help to share your views from My Rights, My Say.

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