Although many pupils have returned to school, some may still be home learning, for example if shielding or self-isolating. Here are a teachers’ 7 tips for your wellbeing and learning when home learning:
  1. Be kind to yourself – coronavirus is not a normal situation and it’s ok not to feel ok about it all.
  2. For your own wellbeing and if you are able to connect online, try to keep in touch with your friends virtually.
  3. Try to keep to a routine, eat healthily and have set times to have a go at your school work. When you’re doing home learning, try working for 25 minutes then having a 5 minute break – it’s more productive.
  4. If you can, find a set place in your home to do school work – somewhere quiet where you can give yourself some space.
  5. Don’t try to do too much work – remember learning from home is not the same as being at school.
  6. If you have questions about the work set by teachers, look at your school’s guidelines about home learning and contact them if you need to. Remember that even when they aren’t seeing you, your teachers are still thinking of you and are there for you as best they can be.
  7. Take time away from social media. If you have a phone, put it in another room, especially if you’re trying to do school work – it will help you concentrate.