In the latest meeting of the Inclusion Ambassadors – where the group met online – they discussed what it’s like being back at school.

They talked about getting back into a school routine, the frustration of coronavirus still impacting their lives and the support they have been given since returning.

Most members of the Inclusion Ambassadors were positive about returning to school. They talked about how their schools had made them feel safe by putting lots of things in place to help them.

The group also shared some of the reasons they have enjoyed being back in school. These included:

  1. To see my friends.
  2. New groups and subjects.
  3. To see my teachers.
  4. Being somewhere that isn’t home.
  5. Everyone here wears masks, everyone does social distancing. It’s great for me as I hate having anyone near me.

The Inclusion Ambassadors are currently meeting once a month online. Their most recent focus is on their Vision Statement which sets out how schools can help pupils feel more supported and included.

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