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Success Looks different awards 2023 🏆🎉🏅

The Success Looks Different Awards 2023 nominations are now closed

Find out more about the Inclusion Ambassadors Success Looks Different Awards:

What are the Success Looks Different Awards?

Returning for the second year, the Inclusion Ambassadors are running the Success Looks Different Awards again in 2023.

They wanted to give more schools the chance to share how they are helping pupils with additional support needs feel included, supported and celebrated.

The idea came from their vision statement and their want to encourage schools to look at the successes of pupils beyond exam results and attainment levels.

Why are they so important?

The awards are a great way for schools to share different and creative ways success can be celebrated. More often than not, when schools talk about achievements in learning, they talk about exams. Although exam results are important to so many pupils, not everyone is on this traditional path.

By creating these awards, the Inclusion Ambassadors are also creating a platform for schools to show that they all celebrating all pupils.

Who entered last year?

In 2022 we had 43 schools enter. They were from all across Scotland. There were three different categories: Primary and Early Years, Secondary Schools and Special Schools.

How were the winners decided?

The Inclusion Ambassadors created a list of the most important things they thought needed to be included when celebrating success.

These included:
Children’s Rights
Sharing success with the wider community
The importance of relationships in school when celebrating success

Once a shortlist had been decided, a group of the Inclusion Ambassadors chose the winners and runners-up.

⭐ new for 2023 ⭐

This year the Inclusion Ambassadors have decided to introduce a fourth category specifically for early years settings.

The categories will now be:

Early Years

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Special Schools

Entries closed on Monday 10 July 2023 at 5pm. Winners will be announced in September 2023.

Click the link below to find out more about the Success Looks Different Awards:

Looks different
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