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An image that consists of an illustration of the winners and runners-up trophies for the Inclusion Ambassadors' Success Looks Different Awards. It contains three winners trophies at the top with three runners-up trophies below. The trophies have a wooden base with the Inclusion Ambassadors logo in black (a circle made up of hands) and a transparent material attached to the wooden base which has black text on it. The background of this image is light green with a confetti design in green and white colours.

Success looks different awards 2022

Find out all about the first Success Looks Different Awards:

What are the Success Looks Different Awards?

The Success Looks Different Awards, launched in 2022 were created by the Inclusion Ambassadors. They wanted to give schools the chance to share how they are helping pupils with additional support needs feel included, supported and celebrated. The idea came from their vision statement and their want to encourage schools to look at the successes of pupils beyond exam results and attainment levels.

Why are they so important?

The awards are a great way for schools to share different and creative ways success can be celebrated. More often than not, when schools talk about achievements in learning, they talk about exams. Although exam results are important to so many pupils, not everyone is on this traditional path. By creating these awards, the Inclusion Ambassadors are also creating a platform for schools to show that they all celebrating all pupils.

Who entered?

In 2022 we had 43 schools enter. They were from all across Scotland. There were three different categories: Primary and Early Years, Secondary Schools and Special Schools.

How were the winners decided?

The Inclusion Ambassadors created a list of the most important things they thought needed to be included when celebrating success.

These included:
Children’s Rights
Sharing success with the wider community
The importance of relationships in school when celebrating success

Once a shortlist had been decided, a group of the Inclusion Ambassadors chose the winners and runners-up.

⭐ Meet the 2022 winners ⭐

The Success Looks Different Awards were split into three categories:

Primary and Early Years

Secondary School

Special School

Here are the winners and runners-up from each category!

Primary and Early Years

Winner: Braehead Primary School, Stirling

The Inclusion Ambassadors chose Braehead Primary School as winner of the Primary and Early Years category because they really liked how they supported all pupils, including those with additional support needs, to take on leadership roles.

Runner-up: Whitecrook Primary School, West Dunbartonshire

Secondary School

Winner: Alva Academy, Clackmannanshire

Alva Academy was chosen as the winner of the Secondary Schools category as the Inclusion Ambassadors felt that Alva was very aware of the the different types of support needed for their pupils. They also really liked the range and number of awareness raising activities that have taken place, which the whole school were involved in.

Runner-up: Hillpark Secondary School, Glasgow

Special School

Winner: Cedarbank School, Livingston

Cedarbank School was chosen as the winner of the Special Schools category by the Inclusion Ambassadors because of how well they thought success was celebrated individually. They really liked the ‘praise postcards’ used by the school. Designed by an S3 pupil, these were awarded by staff to celebrate success every day.

Runner-up: Harmeny Education Trust, Edinburgh

Well done to every school who was nominated. The standard of entries was very high and the Inclusion Ambassadors felt inspired by the examples shared.

The Inclusion Ambassadors are looking to run the award again so check back for more information in 2023.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out anything more about the Inclusion Ambassadors Success Looks Different Awards, you can get in touch with us.

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